What is Power transmission?

The movement of energy from in which it generated to an area in which it is carried out to perform beneficial paintings is energy transmission. Whether it’s miles industrial appliances, farm gadget and commercial enterprise equipment they all use strength transmission structures to run their corporations. Motors, power systems and bearings are sub-systems of strength transmission systems.

Power transmission equipments include:

Thruster brake, Gear Couplings, Resilient Couplings, Pin Bush Couplings, Tyre Couplings, Disc Couplings, Jaw Couplings, Brake Drums, Pulleys, Sprockets, Torsion Shaft, Universal Shaft, Shear Pin Couplings.

Thruster brake

Thruster brake allows a device at the pass to forestall at a preferred point correctly. A pre-careworn comprising spring applies the braking force to the brake shoes. The thruster releases the wreck drums and compressing of the spring.


The device used for the transmission of power between shafts which might be connected together at the ends is referred to as Coupling. Couplings may be divided into categories- flexible couplings and inflexible couplings.

Rigid coupling serves to draw two shafts collectively tightly in order that no relative motion can arise among them. Rigid couplings should be applied handiest when the alignment of the 2 shafts can be maintained very correctly, now not handiest at the time of set up however also during operation of the machines.

Flexible coupling serves to transmit torque smoothly even as permitting some axial, radial and angular malignment. Commercially numerous styles of flexible couplings are available. Such as equipment coupling, Pin bush coupling and chain coupling.

In equipment coupling the torque is transmitted among crown-hobbed teeth from the coupling 1/2 to the sleeve. The crown shape at the equipment enamel permits misalignment.

In pin bush coupling tow Hubs in Cast Iron of excessive excellent and variable wide variety of bendy elements, relying at the energy to be transmitted. The bendy factors of rubber trees are able to damping vibration and shock masses in addition to accepting misalignment that inevitably happens among rotating shafts which can be independently supported.


Pulleys are utilized in distinct of approaches for transmission of electricity, to lift loads and observe forces. Large weights are lifted with comfort via the pulley gadget. A pulley is a wheel on an axle that is designed to aid motion of a cable or belt along its circumference. In a pulley system the better the mechanical benefit is the easier it’s miles to lift the particular items intended for lifting. A pulley is a easy gadget and it is easy to use the pulley gadget. Despite that, because of the pressure of fiction the pulley gadget isn’t always green sufficient. For instance to boost an object to a top of 1 transmittance meter one has to drag meters of cable through the pulleys.

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