Islam is a manner of existence and a completely simple one at that. It teaches piety, humbleness, peace, war, chastity and greater matters approximately existence that I can consider. With all of the stereotypes that circulate, it’s tough for a Muslim to hold up with the who-stated-what on this non Islamic united states. Personally, I’ve heard my truthful shares of “Is that a pillow case on your head?” to “Are you carrying a bomb strapped under your get dressed?” If anything may be stated about pemakaman muslim, I ought to recognise the gist of the puns.

The lack of understanding of some non-Muslims is expected for the most component, that does not imply it receives any less complicated whenever they come at us. It is tough because we have interplay with them each unmarried day: paintings, school, bus, purchasing and airplanes. They study our customs as very overseas and no longer American. When we look at ourselves and notice nothing wrong with our customs. We study their customs and spot contradictions all of the time.

Take American tv for example. If you may describe popular American declares in a few words it would be sex, money, teens and homosexuality. The maximum famous shows within the U.S. Have this kind of characteristics or all 4. That’s not what the bible preaches and it is definitely not what our book teaches. Yet it’s still right here and famous to many Americans…Along with me. If that is what human beings are seeing and being fed on the grounds that start-regardless of what religion or heritage- this is what they will become undertaking as they grow older. How are you able to be a full blown Muslim if you have grown up right here in America? It isn’t always impossible but misleading. When I say misleading, there will without a doubt be many upon many barriers, big walls and tight obstacles that you ought to get via to keep real to the Islamic customs. It is possible to adapt to the American ways whilst still accomplishing Islamic lifestyle. Kind of like take the coolest and go away the horrific.

Has every person who lives in America ever puzzled how we felt as non violent Muslims residing on foreign territory? Has every body ever asked themselves: how do Muslims in America who aren’t of the Middle Eastern descent feel approximately the whole thing that’s going on?

You were cordially invited to take a peek in the life of an African-American Muslim female. One of which who struggles everyday with her identification between being a sturdy Muslim who places all her efforts into residing here only for the next lifestyles as opposed to dwelling the American dream of riches and glam.

You may think we stay normal lives…You have no concept. Every day we strive to perform a little extra than we did the day before today. Pray a bit greater. Give a touch greater. Cuss a touch much less. We are continuously looking to please and live our lives for mankind’s writer. Unfortunately, we’re still human and we have human urges much like anybody else. Do now not assume due to the fact we do what we do ordinary would not mean we aren’t just like the rest. We probably have more in commonplace with non-Muslims than you suspect.
Human characteristics: mendacity, cheating, stealing, fornication, adultery, envy, lust, love and hatred. All matters that we have accomplished and you’ve as nicely. Our aware might be on the blitz even as we are doing this stuff because we recognize we are going to receives a commission returned for it both right here or in the afterlife but it changed into nonetheless executed by using our very own freewill.

So here’s the large question: Why is it so tough to be an awesome Muslim when you occurred to live in a non-Islamic united states of america? There are a few motives.

1. Born Into a Non-Muslim Society

I changed into born in Detroit, Michigan. My mom was now not Muslim nor was she Christian. My father was a Mason and each by no means married. I do not take into account an awful lot of my life earlier than I became Muslim however I got the feeling that it wasn’t what you will call a Muslim family. Around the age of six, my mom determined to convert to Islam with her three youngsters. When I become developing up we had non-Muslim member of the family interaction, we had non-Muslim children coming to play with us, acquaintances, grocery shop clerks and the relaxation. Although, we did visit Jumah prayer each Friday, most effective one day trip of the week we got interaction with other Muslims entirely. The rest of the six days it became my siblings and I against the overseas international. My mother instilled sure Islamic developments during the day but after that we went and watched non-Muslims on TV. All these classified ads infiltrated our sponge like minds and shaped who lots of us Muslims are today. We may not agree with it but it did have a few impact on who we’re in Islam.

2. Muslims Spend A lot of Time With Non-Muslims

I used to work a full time job. It was forty four hours in line with week. I become a supervisor at Walgreens Pharmacy. I spent anywhere from 8 to 10 hours in step with day there. I slept eight hours in keeping with day and took an hour total to get to and from work. That left me approximately 5 to 7 hours of down time at some stage in those five days each week. The majority of my wakeful time had been spent at paintings, working and integrating with my non-Muslim colleagues. How does that make a person experience to spend most people of their time working and fraternizing with humans who have not anything in not unusual with you? And because you are the minority you try your toughest to be much less like a Muslim and greater like them due to the pressures of “becoming in”. They work and spend time with every other, why does not a Muslim get that equal feeling of solidarity within the place of job? Why can not I pull any other Muslim employee and say, “hello, let’s go pray on our lunch break?”

3. Wanting to Imitate to Fit In With the Rest

This coincides with the pinnacle example. We consider that if we fit in, it’d be a lot
simpler for us. But in fact we honestly simply lose our identification. We are Muslim due to the fact we need to be. No one pressured us to be this manner. You do not should act like a Muslim. But if this is the case then why do you claim it? I see the little Muslim young adults on their manner to highschool and in preference to them wearing the Islamic wrap they look similar to the relaxation of the youngsters. And it hurts me due to the fact they do no longer get dressed this way at domestic or in front in their dad and mom however experience the need to be usual by means of the relaxation. Children do now not recognise the consequences of no longer training their faith at a young age. For them not to put on Islam like a proud badge of honor is a shame. The aim is not to separate Muslims completely from other people or religions however to reinforce the religion throughout the day by means of being round other Muslims. No one desires to experience like an outsider.

Being a Muslim is a wonderful issue for me due to the fact I have get right of entry to to such a lot of imaginitive humans of many extraordinary backgrounds. They come from all walks of life and variety excites me because it does others that strive to be a well rounded man or women. Staying authentic to ones faith brings approximately satisfaction and a sense of well being like no different. We all need to belong to someone; some thing and with Islam I can say that all of us feel this manner approximately our religion. No count what scenario we’re in that maybe un-Islamic or what number of dying threats, bizarre looks or snickers we are able to stand strong because the handiest entity that we must please is God.

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