Do you ever get this in your e mail box: Find Financial Freedom! Make $150,000 from domestic in the next ninety days! How about 10 times a day?

Every time I get this kind of, I suppose to myself, “Hmmm, Financial Freedom. I already have monetary freedom, even though it does not appear like what those emails promise me.”

Financial freedom is a buzzword for our technology. It is the pursuit of actually thousands and thousands of people. So what is it? Is it that elusive? Can everyone get it?

Let me begin by way of saying that this article will no longer be about how to earn cash, or even extra cash. Rather, it’ll be about a way to find financial freedom, which might also or won’t involve making extra money.

Financial freedom – right here we pass!

The first step in locating monetary freedom is to comprehend that financial freedom has clearly not anything to do with how a lot cash you’ve got or make. What? Exactly. Financial freedom is some thing that is going on inside of you. This is why a person who makes little or no can be glad and a person who makes a ton may be extraordinarily burdened out over his or her financial scenario. So step one is to recognise that economic freedom is greater approximately our attitudes in the direction of cash than about the quantity of money.

“Okay Chris, I’m with you. So what are the attitudes that offer economic freedom?” Here are some that preserve me in monetary freedom.

I do now not have to worry about cash. I used to seize myself saying, “If I had extra money, then I wouldn’t must fear approximately …” But do you already know what? I don’t ought to worry anyway. I can manage my earnings. I can manipulate my outgo. I can make selections which could alleviate any of my concerns. I additionally realized that matters usually training session. So why worry? I pick not to worry.

I can be happy irrespective of my financial nation. I recognize individuals who are really worth masses of hundreds of thousands of dollars and I know individuals who don’t have two nickels to rub collectively. Some are happy and a few are not. And none of the human beings who have a variety of cash say to me, “Chris, I’ve emerge as so satisfied on the grounds that I got cash.” They have been happy earlier than they’d money and they may be satisfied now that they’ve money. Their happiness has nothing to do with the money. I assume it changed into the Billionaire David Geffen who said, “Anyone who says that money will buy them happiness has in no way had any cash.”

Money can be a method to an give up, no longer the quit itself. Another manner to examine it’s miles that money will be a device to construct the house, now not the residence itself. I could set some monetary dreams if I have been you, but move beyond that to recognize what extra cause there can be while you attain them. What will the residence be that you’ll construct with that device?

I am unfastened. I am loose to earn – some human beings think it is terrible to earn more money. It isn’t. I am loose to shop – a few humans believe it is bad to keep. It is not. I am free to give money away – a few humans sense they will be higher off hoarding it. They might not. I am loose to spend – some humans agree with that they can’t spend something on themselves. They can. We are free to make picks. That is economic freedom. One of my favourite charges is from Charles Wesley, “Earn all you could, shop all you can, give all you may.” That will preserve you in monetary freedom.

Some different ideas for monetary freedom…

Debt is the number one freedom killer. Want monetary freedom? The first factor you need to do is to get out of debt. That is priority number one. One of the motives I actually have monetary freedom is that I have no debt apart from my house price. And I paintings difficult to control myself and our home to maintain us that way. For years I drove an antique junker vehicle, and even as I appeared terrible, I had economic freedom that others who have been in debt didn’t have!
There is an old proverb – The borrower is the servant of the lender. Who has freedom? The lender. Who does not? The borrower. Develop a plan to get out of debt!

Embrace behind schedule gratification. Here is the precept: Buy it now and conflict later. Another principle: Delay it now, make investments the cash, and feature all you want afterward! And you won’t even ought to touch the predominant! We have a tendency to assume that having it now will convey leisure, however until you could do it and now not reason yourself financial pressure, you may without a doubt get greater from waiting to shop for it later!

Have greater by means of managing higher. The reality is that maximum people earn enough. What would be useful would be to set our priorities and stay through a budget. As we get control, our budget will loosen up a piece and we are able to discover ourselves taking part in it more. Money that is already there can be your answer in case you put it to be just right for you.

Spend a while thinking via your attitudes approximately money. You can be surprised at how you could exchange some, study matters a bit bit otherwise and start to revel in authentic economic freedom!

Chris Widener is an Internationally recognized speaker, author and radio host. He has authored over 450 articles and nine books, including a New York Times and Wall Street Journal Best-seller. He has produced over eighty five CDs and DVDs on leadership, motivation and success In addition to being a featured contributing editor to the Jim Rohn One-Year Success Plan, Chris is a regular guest speaker receiving rave evaluations! Chris demonstrates a fashion this is attractive and flexible even as presenting lifestyles-changing concepts of leadership, motivation and fulfillment. If you would really like to order Chris’ merchandise, consisting of his Newest Release.

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