Most men don’t have 15 mins on weekday mornings to stare in front of a replicate to shave. I surely don’t! Shaving for me each other morning have to no longer take greater than two minutes of my time. I’m a man usually on the run….Busy existence full of meetings….Locations to head and people to meet….Youngsters to drop off at college….First-rate Dad with a career. So I have to get in and get out of the bathroom every morning as fast as I can or the pre-college slaps me with a daft $10 rate every time I drop off my son past due!

Here are my easy shaving tips on how to get the closest and first-class  shave possible in beneath two mins time:

Shaving Tips #1: Pre-Shave

The motive of a pre-shave product is to clean and condition your skin prior to shaving. What’s stunning is that maximum guys do now not use a pre-shave product all through their day by day shaving habitual.

Use a pre-shave lotion continually! Why? Your razor blade likes easy skin. It glides easier on it. It cuts your hair toward the follicle supplying you with the favored close shave. It additionally softens and situations your beard making it less complicated to cut. And it acts as a secondary safety layer in opposition to the dangerous effects of the blade scraping your skin helping to save you shaving nicks and cuts. You get these kind of blessings and it handiest takes 10 seconds to apply in case you are in a rush. For those guys who have extra testosterone than I do and shave twice a day, a pre-shave lotion/serum will simply assist get you a more in-depth shave so you can also handiest want to shave as soon as a day.

I don’t like anything oily on my skin so I might not propose a pre-shave oil as a few hard core moist shavers use religiously. I prefer to use a non-oily pre-shave lotion/serum. The satisfactory pre-shave product I even have located thus far that meets my precise wishes is a “pre-shave serum”. Not many brands provide this type of product however I can most effective believe that many greater will in the close to future. Pre-shave serums are quite hard at the wallet but it works miracles and is worth every penny! My pores and skin is straight away taut and clean after the serum is instantly absorbed into my skin making it an appropriate surroundings for my razor blade.

Shaving Tips #2: Shave Cream

I recognize using an electric shaver receives you the fastest shave feasible. However it honestly does not provide you the first-rate pores and skin and shaving results afterwards. Your skin tends to be roughed up due to the fact no lubrication is used between the shaver and your skin, and you just cannot cut the hair as close as a razor blade gliding on a slick cream can.

Use a shave cream and not a shave gel. Shave gels generally tend to have too many air pockets in it. Air wallet do now not provide any skin protection from your blade. Think of your blade gliding over air wallet and not over a protecting cream layer. Shave lotions have considerably much less air pockets in them and consequently offer a more slicker shielding coverage in opposition to your razor-sharp blade. Harmful skin redness gift after shaving is mostly a end result of using a negative shave cream/gel/soap or using immoderate stress at the razor whilst shaving.

Use a non-lathering cream. Trying to overcome the clock every morning, I do not have the luxury of spending 5 minutes to whip up a lather with a silvertip badger shaving brush. Plus lather is only a whipped up shave cream with too many air wallet internal. This is some other problem that I will like to stay on in a destiny article.

Shaving Tips #three: Post-Shave

You don’t simply stroll away once you wipe off the excess shave cream from your face whilst you are executed shaving. I sense the most important a part of the shaving ritual is preserving your skin’s vibrancy and elasticity post-shave. That is why Shaving Tip #three is the most essential to me.

Find a non-greasy aftershave balm that has substances confirmed to warfare infection due to the pains of the shaving procedure and ones that also hydrate and repair your skin to a healthful and glowing country. Some remarkable natural powerful components to search for in an aftershave balm are Witch Hazel — facilitates reduce and agreement blood vessels lower back to everyday length when inflamed — and Shea Butter — has anti inflammatory and emollient homes. Be certain additionally to use a product that doesn’t clog your pores. I have a tendency to discover that greasy aftershave balms do just that so I always keep away from the ones. It’s high-quality also now not to apply a put up-shave product with alcohol or fragrance as those components just dry out your skin.

Shaving can be a nuisance however in case you simply follow these 3 shaving recommendations, you could be out of the bathroom in only beneath two minutes with sparkling skin and a outstanding close shave. Yes, I can spend 5 to 10 mins greater at some stage in my shaving routine to get the appropriate shave like incorporating a toner, an exfoliant, and a silvertip badger hair brush, but it truly is simplest for me on the weekends and while time is not a aspect every morning. But for now, so long as my son is at school on time and my skin is feeling buttery soft in just beneath two minutes, I could not ask for greater!

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