So what are Australia’s great Pinot Noir’s? There are many, I could think about approximately 25 high-quality Pinot Noir’s made in Australia that create genuine hobby among Australian Wine Collectors and are very popular with wine drinkers. If you complied a list of Australia’s Top one hundred wines, and a few wine commentators have, it would possibly only include about 5 wines of this underneath rated variety. Ask any extreme wine collector or wine connoisseur in Australia approximately Australian Pinot Noir and you might be surprised to learn what number of they have got in their collection, it might be greater than 5%. I realize of at the least 15 extreme wine creditors whose series consists of round 15% of this under rated wine range. In my very own private series of about 500 bottles I actually have round 90 bottles which is greater than 10%.

Generally, wine collectors eagerly look forward to the discharge of Australian extremely great wines in particular Pinot noir. Australian manufacturers of Pinot in very excessive demand are people with an extended song record of producing consistently exceptional wines, which include Main Ridge Estate, Mount Mary, Domaine Epis, Bass Phillip, Freycinet and Bindi. You cannot go incorrect with any of these manufacturers, vintage after antique they preserve to turn out severe stuff.

I’ve been an observer and player inside the Australian great wine secondary market for many years and my observations of Pinot Noir is that it performs quite properly at auction and very well on various alternate / BuyNow systems. Generally they keep their endorsed retail rate for up to 8 years after release, wherein as nearly each other range (chardonnay, Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon) can fall via as an awful lot as 50%. Why? There are some reasons, however specifically because there is so much wine to be had and the call for to buy them is just now not there. It might be like 10 residence’s going up for auction inside the equal avenue with simplest three or four shoppers. As a popular observation a incredibly prized Pinot Noir will maintain its fee greater so than a Shiraz or Cabernet Sauvignon. I’m no longer saying Pinot is a good investment, no longer many wines are, and those that are an excellent investment it’s miles almost impossible to secure an inexpensive amount to make it really worth while.

Pinot Noir is often sought via the wine gourmet, the wines are usually mild to medium bodied in contrast to a massive bold Barossa Shiraz or Margaret River Cabernet Sauvignon. They are intensely flavored, sensitive, diffused, with a poise and balance; they do make fantastic consuming. I as soon as heard a wine critic describe Pinot Noir as ‘romance in a glass’. Indeed they may be a romantic wine but that could additionally depend upon the surroundings, occasion and employer.

Next time you purchase a bottle of wine I project you to make it an Australian Pinot Noir and pour it into a nice massive glass, the pleasant glass on your series, and swirl the affection and passion around.

Some of Australia’s exceptional Pinot Noir’s must cellar for up to 15 years and possibly a few years beyond, depending on cellaring conditions and the vintage. They do not genuinely cellar for the long time 20+ years, like a Penfolds Grange, which should cellar for at the least 20 years and up to 40 years for top vintages, consisting of the 1996, 1998 and 2004.

In Australia, Pinot Noir is commonly grown satisfactory in a cool climate wine vicinity including, Macedon, Yarra Valley, Mornington Peninsula, Bellarine Peninsula, Gippsland and Tasmania. The domestic Pinot Noir is in France’s Burgundy where they’re called Red Burgundy.

If you’re inquisitive about attempting some of the best Pinot that Australia has to provide be organized to spend around $seventy five.00 or greater. Do some studies, try to are looking for out one of the 12 wines listed under, you must be pleasantly surprised. Generally shares have to be available with the aid of contacting the winery without delay or your local first-class wine dealer.

Australia’s Top 12 come from the manufacturers indexed under, apologies to a few wineries inclusive of Curly Flat, Stonier, Tuck’s Ridge, Scotchmans Hill, Oakrige and William Downie who produce lovely wines.

Bannockburn Serre – Bellarine Peninsula, Victoria

Bass Phillip Reserve – Gippsland, Victoria

Bass Phillip Premium – Gippsland, Victoria

Bindi Block five – Macedon, Victoria

Bindi Original Vineyard – Macedon, Victoria

Domaine A – Tasmania

Domaine Epis – Macedon, Victoria

Freycinet – Tasmania

Kooyong Ferrous – Mornington Peninsula, Victoria

Main Ridge Half Acre – Mornington Peninsula, Victoria

Mount Mary – Yarra Valley, Victoria

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