Ready to get out of the sweltering summer time warmness, Sam Paris goes to his common spot: The Peckerwood Bar in Port Salerno, Florida, famous for its spicy hot sauce and its unsavory characters. The bar consumers are as tough and hard as Sam and his language whilst someone annoys him. In his sixties and with a records, including as a Vietnam vet, Sam will pay interest to the whole lot and each person around him from “Habit born out of self-protection and lessons discovered the difficult manner.” He’s minding his personal enterprise when a man and his attractive lady associate input the bar and are straight away visible for what they may be: more than a bit out of vicinity and unconcerned about it, once they ought to be. The guy says he is a journalist seeking out an excellent tale-Sam’s tale-and could pay. Sam consents, and the twisted roller-coaster-like tale begins approximately his time inside the eBay MC011 indefinitely suspended Jungle with a lovely, sensual girl he can neither figure out nor resist; Nazi’s in hiding; the hunt for misplaced towns and gold; and some of crook factors who all have agendas they either want to contain Sam in or accept as true with he’s worried in-and for a totally specific cause. After he tells his story, Sam realizes his past has come back to hang-out him-or kill him, and Sam ought to use each resource he has to attempt to continue to exist, all over again.

Sam’s stint as a Marine during the Vietnam War turned into followed with the aid of drug addiction, leaving him homeless till he is picked up in New York City and groomed for a selected motive by using Ursula Jung, a lady who tells lies about what is occurring as without difficulty as she breathes. After hooking up with Ursula, Sam by no means knows from one minute to the next who he is going to be walking from, who he’s being set up with the aid of or who’ll shoot at him subsequent, or who he may additionally need to kill to continue to exist. Whether it is the result of the cacao used for altitude illness even as in Peru, or actual studies that arise, Sam finds that reality and visions overlap in approaches that make him query anyone’s sanity, together with his own. Sometimes, his instincts are the handiest component Sam knows he’s certain of.

Lichtwar created this first novel to be motion-primarily based, and takes readers into New York City, Peru, deep into the Amazon Jungle, and onto Florida, where existence and the humans inquisitive about Sam Paris simply may not depart him in peace to drink himself into a stupor to clean down “the dust of antique memories.” The forged of characters demonstrates what happens while human beings who have agendas will use others and visit any lengths to achieve their dreams. All in all, this ebook is a bit of precise a laugh and adventure and an enjoyable first e-book from this author.

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